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General Assembly Notes 5/6/2010

Notes from the DCSGP General Assembly, Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The DC Statehood Green Party (DCSGP) General Assembly (GA), with some 15 people present, met at UDC to discuss election plans, reorganizing the DCSGP, plans for attending the joint Detroit US Social Forum/Green Party of the US summer meeting, and future DCSGP meetings and events.
1. To start off, Jude Crannitch spoke for his wife, Faith Dane, who wants to run for Mayor on the DCSGP ticket.

Faith Dane, now 86, is known to all DC simply as Faith. She has long been a resident of Washington, has been active in DC Statehood efforts, was an early Statehood Party activist, and has had many runs for Mayor of DC. Jude said that his wife often played the clown but has a well worked out plan to help DC through a decentralized arts-based programs is arts with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) playing a central role.

She was previously resident in New York, New York and the United States Virgin Islands. She was married first to Attorney Russell Johnson and married second in 1983 to Jude Crannitch an artist from New Zealand. Faith Dane is an actress, musician and artist. She had a comedic role as the bugle-tooting Minsky stripper Mazeppa ("First I was a schlepper, now I'm Miss Mazeppa"), which she played in both the original Broadway and film versions of Gypsy.

2. Rick Tingling-Clemons then introduced “Reinventing the DCSGP” as a DCSGP project that would engage DCSGP members and friends over the summer. The project questions are “Where is the Party Now?” “Where do we want it to be?” and “How do we get there?” He feels the Party should be one of and for the people, bringing their concerns to the table for resolution. He thinks the Party should be out there on the streets as the DC Statehood Green Party when developers move into neighborhoods, the police get out of hand, and when cuts are made to programs that support the daily life of lower-income folks.

Emily Citkowski said we needed to revive our ward committees and to learn how to navigate through our strange political system.

The assembly agreed to include the “Reinventing the DCSGP” project in our next GA which will be Thursday, July 1st since the June meeting will be “across the river” dealing with returning citizens and the related DC Criminal Justice system problems.

3. Election plans were then discussed.

3.1 See Faith for Mayor at the top.

3.2 Lino (Natale) Stascuzzi is running for DC Delegate to Congress, Norton’s seat. He ran in 98 but has not been active since then. He is a sales rep for a furniture company and comes from a DC Italian family. He was born in ‘65. His issues are health, housing, schools, jobs, clean energy, retirement, and other common sense, working class issues. He wants to work through alternate media and help the main-stream catch up with us. He feels that Greens must be open to the ordinary voter and not put them off by being purists but listen to their views. He will work with DCSGP on campaign issues. He will be a lobbyist for the people and wants to report back why things go wrong in congress.

3.3 Dave Schwartzman announced for At-Large city council after several promising potential candidates bowed out for personal reasons. His emphasis will be on the everyday crises of lower income folk and will deal with budget and revenue issues we must resolve to aid them.

3.4 We may have two candidates for Ward 1 Councilmember. Nancy Shia was not at the GA but had earlier said she was running. Chris Otten said if she does not, then he will. Perhaps we will have a contested primary.

4. Detroit: The joint US Social Forum (USSF) and Green Party of the US (GPUS) meetings will be held from 24 through 27 June. DCSGP has a delegation of perhaps a dozen members qho will be there. All events except for the GPUS Plenary (Business Meeting) on Saturday June 26th, will take place as USSF workshops in an “Open Space” atmosphere. Plans for cheap transportation and housing are in progress. Contact Emily Citkowski for more.

The assembly voted for up to $500 for travel which may be a rented van. The assembly also approved five Alternate Delegates to the GPUS who will be in Detroit and who can act for our four delegates who cannot be there. These Alternate Delegates are Emily Citkowski, Jane Zara, Marian Douglas, Chris Otten, and Dave Schwartzman. This way we will have our full complement during the plenary.

5. Future Meetings and Events:

5.1 Our next GA will be on July 5th and will include “Reinventing DCSGP” – see 2 above for details.

5.2 Our June meeting will be held at the Brethren Church by the Anacostia Metro in Ward 8 on Thursday, June 10th. Exact times and location to follow. Philip Fornacci, a DCSGP member who works with returning citizens through the DC Prisoners Project of the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights & Urban Affairs will develop and facilitate the forum. The idea is to engage the DC Statehood Green Party and the returning citizens in joint action to assist and empower the returning citizens.

The DC Prisoners Project advocates for the humane treatment and dignity of all persons convicted or charged with a criminal offense under DC law housed in prisons, jails or community corrections programs, to assist their family members with prison-related issues, and to promote progressive criminal justice reform. It is the only legal organization with a mission of advocating for the interests of over 7,000 DC prisoners currently held in 99 different federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facilities across the country, in addition to more than 3,500 held in the DC Jail and the Correctional Treatment Facility.

6. DCSGP urges you to join with One DC and Empower DC and Take Back the Land in May. Get to Sankofa today for presentations by One DC and Empower DC followed by a presentation and book signing by Max Rameau of Take Back the Land. The event is scheduled for Friday, May 7, 2010 at the Sankofa Bookstore, 2714 Georgia Ave., Washington, DC and begins at 6:00 pm.




"We do not have to accept or tolerate such glaring disparities in our society. We do not have to accept or tolerate bloated Pentagon spending, unfair tax cuts, attacks on our civil liberties, and on workers' rights to unionize. We don't have to accept or tolerate our children dropping out of high school, college education unreachable because tuition is so high, or our country steeped in debt."
- Cynthia McKinney, Green Party Presidential Candidate 2008


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