For people. not profit.


NEXT GENERAL BODY MEETING: 7:00 PM ON THURSDAY, november 3rd AT THE Southwest neighborhood library

A party for the people


The roots of our party lie in the DC Statehood Party, formed in 1977 by residents dedicated for full citizenship for the people of the District. Recognizing that the health of our democracy, economy, environment, and communities are deeply intertwined, the DC Statehood Party later joined with the DC Green Party.

Today, we are a party of over 3,000 members that works toward honest politics, people centered leadership, and social, economic, and environmental justice in the District.


Join us.

The party meets at Shaw Library on the first Thursday of each month at 7 PM. We welcome all party members to join us at this meetings. We also welcome party members to join a committee and get involved in the work of the party.


Read our party bylaws here.

2016 Primary Candidates

The following candidates are running on the DC Statehood Green Party ticket for the general election.

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